garmin-dashboard-mount-for-nuviThis mount works great. The selection of Garmin mounts is confusing as some are two parts and some are one. If you have a Nuvi with the included windshield mount, then this is the only part you need to buy. The included mount disassembles at the ball and socket joint and attaches to this one. 

This portable friction mount requires no installation.  This accessory is a replacement and does not include the entire automotive dash mount. The customer must use the mounting bracket that comes with the GPS unit to attach the portable friction mount.

The Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount can be used with Garmin nüvis or the StreetPilot I series.

It’s also good for if you have a passenger that wants to play with and use the GPS, they can just move the mount over to their side of the dashboard.


- Convenience (can move from one vehicle to another easily)
- Looks nice
- Stays still if you put it in the right spot
- Easy to hide (I throw it in a plastic grocery bag under my seat when not in use)
- Great price (much cheaper than ordering direct from Garmin)
- Aside from the locking mechanism, this product appears to be well built


- If you have a really steep dash, then you may have to move the mount around until you find a stable place for it. I had the whole mount fly off the dash when taking a sharp turn. Luckily, I caught it in mid-air. I haven’t had it fly off the dash since I repositioned it.
- The locking mechanism takes some force to engage. At first, I thought something was wrong with the locking mechanism. It felt as if it might break if I moved the lever all the way over. I received a response from Garmin Support stating that it is normal for the locking lever to take some force to engage. Instead of fully engaging the lock which may lessen its lifespan, I decided to move the lever only about 1/3 of the way. That seems to be good enough to keep the mount in place without any movement.

Where is the Best Place to buy?

I wasn’t able to find a place that carries this brand new for any cheaper. Even the Garmin Friction Mounts which were available on a particular auction site were more expensive. In addition to Amazon having the lowest price for this item, I recommend purchasing this from Amazon over most other places because of Amazon’s hassle free return policy.

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